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  • Annual Membership Due

On June 29, 2019, the LSA Board of Directors deliberated on a new deadline for payment of annual membership due. To enhance compliance, the Board of Directors recommended that annual membership payment should be due by the date of each edition of the LSA Conference. Thus, the new deadline would be June 25, 2020. We would like to encourage everyone to pay their annual membership due, as soon as they can, and even donate to the LSA cause. Because we are now an Affiliate of the African Studies Association of the United States (a higher status due to our complete autonomy as a fully registered organization in Nigeria) we shall be handling all due collection by ourselves.

The LSA is a member-run organization. We do not have any paid staff. No member of the LSA, including the Board of Directors, Officers, and Committee members receive money or honorarium for their service. All money raised will go into executing our projects, outlined on our website. If you know any agency or institution, capable of funding our projects, please let us know.

  • Nigeria-Based Members. Account details: 0521034910/Guarantee Trust Bank/LSA Foundation LTD/GTE


Student membership: N2,000

Academic and non-academic practitioners: N5,000

Institutional membership: N20,000

Lifetime membership: N200,000

  • International Members. Send your payment through a secured LSA PayPal Account using our email address. You can also make international transfer to our Nigerian bank account with WorldRemit or Moneygram. Nigerian Account details: 0521034910/Guarantee Trust Bank/LSA Foundation LTD/GTE


Student membership: $15

Academic and non-academic practitioners: $30

Lifetime membership: $600

Institutional membership: $100

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