The Lagos Studies Association is an interdisciplinary and international association of academic and non-academic practitioners whose interest focus on Lagos and its peoples. Our members include scholars, students, activists, artists, teachers, donors, policymakers, and development professionals. Through exchanges between academic and non-academic practitioners, we anticipate deepening the rigor of contemporary scholarship as well as encouraging the integration of critical and thought-provoking questions into non-academic projects on Lagos.” The LSA achieves its mission by:

  1. Promoting cutting-edge scholarship and access to key debates in Lagos studies
  2. Forming sustained cross-disciplinary conversations among scholars who are working on Lagos from different topical and methodological standpoints
  3. Encouraging sustained intellectual exchanges between scholarly theorizations of issues in Lagos studies and the work of non-academic practitioners working in related fields
  4. Facilitating exchanges between scholars and practitioners to deepen the rigor of contemporary scholarship on Lagos
  5.  Encouraging the network of scholars and practitioners through our annual conference and other avenues such as workshops, seminars, and roundtable
  1.  Through professionalization workshops for graduate students, shape and support the development of emerging scholars
  2. Collaborating with institutions and similar associations across the world to promote the study of cities through conferences, seminars, symposia, and other professional avenues
  3. Aiding research of members by awarding research and travel grants
  4. Publishing a yearly electronic Bulletin/Newsletter highlighting the works of academic and non-academic practitioners of Lagos